Meet The Staff

In this part you can see a little more about us, the broadcaster and everyone that works behind the scenes to make sure KVXN stays in operation for you’re listening enjoyment. There’s many that make this station what it is both in the broadcasting, as well as the backend engineering for proper broadcasting.

JB Raccoon, Station Owner
JB is a music loving huscoon with a great many talents he applies within the station. He is one of two owners within the station and handles the physical attributes such as all the licensing payments to keep the station up to date and fully legal for broadcast within the DMCA requirements. He is in charge of paying all those bills so everyone can bring the music to you. He is also a part of the two-fur operated show called “The Blues Furs” hosted on Monday afternoons.

Jensen the foxsky, Station GM/Broadcaster
Jensen just your average Foxsky, that’s what he always says, a fur that grew up with music from county loving to oddities from the 80’s. He has heard it all, of course being the general manager of KVXN he has to know a lot of music for the station to run well. He is second in charge and assists in making sure all invoices are accurate, including having the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. Bio is also the other part for The Blues Furs.

LS Raccoon, Station Management
LS Raccoon is not often seen, but she is equally as important working behind the scenes. Her job mainly is to help organize the broadcast room, keeping it in order and when there are shows that take calls, you can bet she will be the one screening your call. You won’t get past her to cause trouble on air, that’s for sure. She also keeps everyone in line, she’s one very OCD ringtail!

Greigh, Broadcast Management/Broadcaster
The station’s very own fuzzy Greigh area adds to the mix. The Carpathian Draft Wolf wears two proverbial hats in ensuring the station’s shows run according to plan as a Broadcast Manager. The other being his own show, The Greigh Nation, where his deep use of his eccentric viewpoints on tunes are vital in finding amazing show material. His few years of experience with talkshow and music presentation formats has made him a roughly well rounded individual.

Tech Adams, Broadcaster & Web Designer
Tech is a Dragon-Raptor who got into music, coding and streaming from university(and socials fault too XD), helping on the website building for the station, also dreaming of becoming a cool known influencer but quits easy to not break anything in the way XD.